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Why No One Talks About Anymore

February 9, 2019


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Highest Common Addictions in US to Know and Understand

The addiction of drug substance use or the lifestyle choice is one of the most overwhelming diseases among the American people that are negatively affecting them. The underlying reason behind this behavior is the due the way the society is and lack of rehab and health care centers that is affordable to the common people. There are addictions that are most common in the US that you need to know and understand this include.

One of the top common addictions is the tobacco. There is the addiction to smoking of the cigarette that has tobacco by vaping that is easy to use and discreet.

The other most common addiction is gambling. The gambling addiction affects the life of the individual where they lose money, valuable, jobs or even the family since they focus on winning and earning money from the game they spend more than they get.

Alcohol is also highest common addictions. The alcohol is also addiction and this is an evidence where you will find the store of liquor and many bars that are on the street, their common business is the sales of the alcohol products.

The painkiller is also highest common addiction. You need to take the painkillers prescription in small doses as the doctor prescription thus avoid over dosage due to addiction.

Cocaine is also the most common addiction. Due to the availability of the cracked cocaine that is cheap and very intense, it has leas to addiction thus, you need to avoid.

There is the most common addiction of heroin. The most common way of using heroin is the injection and this makes to be at risk of contracting other diseases like the HIV virus, this drug is addictive since it goes through the veins.

There is the highest common addiction to benzodiazepines. The benzos are the medications drug that is given to the patient who needs to control their anxiety and the drug stimulates the effect of calming.

The stimulant is also highest common addiction in the US. The stimulants are used to increase alertness and the more use the stimulant you will be an addiction due to the tolerance thus overdose use.

There is the top common addiction of inhalants. The inhalant leads to short-term high like the laughing gas and the toxic substances.

Moreover, there is the top common addiction of sedative. There is the addiction of the sedative since the patient has to take the pills any time they go to sleep and this leads to overdose hence it will be hard to stop taking them.