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How to Choose the Best Blinds for Sliding Patio Doors

February 5, 2019

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Sliding patio doors are perfect transitions between indoors and outdoors. The very nature of its construction presents some issues in the matter of window treatment. Window treatments are necessary because one may need privacy and the need to shut out light at times. Consider the alternatives and each has some drawback or the other.


Curtains are obviously the first choice but the fabric can get in the way and they do occupy space, cutting off some light and air.

Vertical external blinds

Vertical sheers with vertical panes that can be rotated 180 degrees are worth considering if you wish for privacy and light control. Such blinds for sliding patio doors can be made of wood, bamboo, lightweight aluminium or textured fabrics. The entire mechanism to hang the blinds is cumbersome and expensive.

Gliding panels

It is possible to have wooden gliding panels to cover the sliding door opening. When closed the panels cut out light and air completely and provide total privacy. However, the panels must stack on top of each other and this takes up space. It can be cumbersome to operate.

There are other options too but regardless of which one you choose there are issues inherent to each. Maintenance is an added factor as is cost. Addition of an external blind does introduce an additional complication in the form of an intrusion into the seamless look of a sliding patio door.

There is a solution that does away with complications of traditional external window treatments for sliding patio doors. The simplest, neatest and the most elegant way is to include blinds inside the panes of the sliding panels. This does away with all the disadvantages of external blinds. There is nothing to get in the way. The sliding doors appear in all their natural glory with no blinds to cut off the view or the looks of that part of the wall. The question of cleaning the blinds simply does not arise. The blinds are securely enclosed between two panes of glass and no dirt can get to them. With nothing to impede their movement, sliding panels of the door can be moved at will.

So how does open or close the blinds when they are secured inside the double glazing of the sliding doors? The solution is simplicity itself. Magnetic sliders help raise or lower the blinds.

The entire assembly is enclosed within uPVC or aluminium frames. These frames are incorporated into the main frame of the sliding doors. Such frames can also be retrofitted into existing sliding doors to give interiors a new, pleasantly polished look not to speak of the convenience that this type of blinds for sliding doors provides. It could be and possibly is the best option for sliding doors.

There is an added bonus when one opts for integrated blinds. The double glazing acts as an acoustic barrier and also saves energy. Investing in such integral blinds is the best bet because they actually save money while improving the overall aesthetics of interiors.

How Custom Bi-Fold Doors Can Help You Save Space

If you have a wonderful house with a great view of your garden or picture-postcard scenery spread gorgeously in front then you need doors that give an unimpeded view.

Consider the standard options like sliding doors. A part of the opening will always remain covered regardless of whether you use two partitions or three partitions. French doors simply do not suit large openings. The answer is custom bifold doors especially when the opening is large and an unrestricted view is desired. They save space and give an unhindered view of the exteriors.

The term bifold doors may be a misnomer since these doors are, in effect, made up of several panels that fold together like an accordion or concertina into a compact bunch of panels that do not take up much space and stay neatly on one side of the opening. You have a clear view. Standard panel sizes may range from 24 to 36 inches in width or customized to suit the width of the openings, which could be a better option in some cases. Custom bifold doors can help save space and the use of matching hardware means it will be a joy to operate.

Customization could take several forms. You can choose to have bifold doors with narrow or broader panels to suit design considerations and aesthetics of how the door will look when fully closed. Narrow panels do give a nice look but in some cases one may wish for a less obstructed view in which case broader panels serve the purpose. Cost will also vary. Obviously more panels lead to higher cost but the advantage is that opening and closing the bifolds will be easier when the door has narrow panels and they take up less space.

Where there are doors with glass the question of curtains or blinds always comes up. Here again customization helps when you choose double glazing panels with inbuilt blinds that are totally sealed within and can be opened or closed by sliding a magnetic latch. Such integrated bifold doors also help save space and present a neater appearance. Then there are small details that the installer and manufacturer will take care of such as using quality sliding tracks, pivots and hinges that integrate seamlessly into the aluminum frame. Another matter that necessitates customization is whether to place the track at the top or bottom. It is best to consult a reputed door supplier and installer and get a site inspection in order to get a customized fitting.

Bifold doors are not meant just as a partition between indoors and outdoors. They can also be used indoors to good effect as space savers between rooms. One can have a larger opening without the inconvenience of large door panels creating obstructions in confined spaces.

Bifold doors have several advantages such as ease of use, complete opening up of a room to the outside, security with the right set of hardware and energy efficiency. These advantages can be further enhanced by customizing the bifold panels along with glazing and hardware fittings.