Know More About Interest = Qualifying Leads

July 8, 2021 | By d00r5t0p | Filed in: Games.

Before you spend the time to market to your leads, determine which leads are most likely to become customers. Use your CRM for lead scoring – ranking leads according to their potential value and likelihood of becoming customers.

How you score leads will depend on what matters most to your business. For example, you could rank leads according to their contact information, company data, lead source or other factors. Your CRM would use selected variables in the formula you design to assign numerical scores to the selected leads. You can filter scores from highest to lowest and then focus on the leads at the top of the list.

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Some leads will not be qualified after they have been scored. Use the CRM to determine why they were not qualified. For example, a lead might not have the budget for your product or service, or they might not need it at this time. You might have reached the wrong contact at the company. Include these reasons in the CRM so you can follow up later or remove them from the list.

Use the CRM to monitor interactions with leads. Determine how often a lead has interacted with someone at your company, their reasons for making contact, and what questions they asked or concerns they raised. Integrating your email account with the CRM enables you to record those interactions so you can filter key data and metrics (e.g., email opens and replies). Monitoring communications with leads will also allow you to identify other useful information, such as the key decision-makers in a company, the prospect’s budget, and the value of your product or service to the prospect.

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