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While many computer games created from popular board games simulate some sort of aspect of real life, there are plenty that simply help wile away the hours with mind exercises. This is the case with Scrabble, as you breeze through this stimulating amusement, which doesn’t require any math skills or pad to write down a score. Through the technological advantages of your computer equipment, the PC will instantly add and display word scores.

Even though you don’t have a warm body in your presence moving the King, Queen, and Knights, a game of computer chess is just as competitive when playing across the Internet. While we’re on the subject of chess, numerous individuals also enjoy checkers and backgammon computer games. Looking for a game of chance to master on the computer? Parcheesi is an old standby that helps pass the time.

Speaking of old standbys, the variations associated with Monopoly may make your head spin. With a wide-range of intriguing versions, any type of player is accommodated, from the preschooler purchasing properties to the computer game fanatic who wishes to create their own board. All Monopoly games utilize a dice to move your chosen pieces about the board. With virtual money, you will purchase properties and eventually build houses and other items on owned assets.

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One of the most exciting features of computer board games is the ability to communicate and play against challengers located all over the world. One moment you could dominate a game of Reversi against a participant in South Africa, while the next challenger could reside in Australia. Another plus associated with computer games is that you don’t have to always play against a real person. The computer is more than willing to test your skills in a wide-range of entertainment options. This way you can also avoid the annoying chatting sessions allowed in most online settings.

Computer games also focus on challenging the brain with an assortment of options that tests your knowledge. Trivial Pursuit is a popular computer game where the animation and graphics greatly resembles the real thing. Just like the board game, you must collect applicable game pieces, which is accomplished in the same manner: giving correct answers to corresponding colored trivia questions.

The list of popular computer games based on board games is rather long. Do you have a weakness for the murder mystery simulation, Clue? There are computer games made just for you. Enjoy the warfare simulation of Risk? Computer games allow you to plan your attack upon an animated PC screen. The world of computer board games allows individuals of all ages to enjoy their favorite pastimes. For instance, children can have a go at fun titles, such as Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, as well as Memory.

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