Ways To Prevent Basement Flooding

February 5, 2019

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Basement flooding is a serious problem that can cause severe damage to your personal property. A flooded basement not only requires huge personal effort to fix the damage caused but also involves a lot of money. It usually occurs during heavy rainfall or the time when snow melts.

Some other causes of basement flooding include cracks in foundation, plugged toilets and blocked sewer drains. It is very important to take preventive measures to keep you basement dry and away from the risk of getting flooded. Here are a few ways to prevent flooding and dampness in your basement:

Control groundwater around foundation – An effectively functioning drainage system is the key to keep your basement dry. You should keep a check that no water is accumulated around the foundation of your house. This will help in preventing water from entering the basement. Blocked gutters increase the chances of basement flooding. Make sure that you keep all the gutters clean. During a hailstorm, walk around your home to check if the surface water is being directed towards your home.

Direct downspout away from house – This will help in keeping the water away from the house structure.

Redirect rainwater – You can hire a contractor to inspect your property and suggest ways to divert rainwater away from your home.

Install sump pump – It is a must for houses that are at a risk of getting flooded. A sump pump acts like a floor drain to keep water leakage and rain water from building in the basement. You can buy an automatic or a manual pump as per your need. Also buy a back-up power source for your pump if there is no electricity during a storm.

Seal the cracks – The flooring and walls of your basement may develop cracks over time. If the level of groundwater becomes high, water may leak through these cracks. Small cracks can be sealed easily from inside. If the cracks are large and deep, you should contact a professional to carry out the repair work.

Understand the drainage system of your house – You can reduce the risk of basement flooding if you know a little about the drainage or plumbing system of your house. You can take the services of a licensed plumber who can conduct an inspection of your house and tell you about the way your foundation drainage works, where the sanitary sewer lateral is located and if your home has a storm sewer lateral.